New CD available now: "innovations"(Musicaphon)


While Nicola Yasmin Stock had been suffering from epicondylitis in her right arm, she came up with the thought of playing the guitar with her left hand only. Unfortunately, there were only a few pieces existing that can be played without the right hand. Since the piano world has already gathered many great pieces for left hand only by well-known composers such as Scriabin or Ravel, she thought that the guitar repertoire should get some more, too - that was how the project began. 
Until now, she has received 16 brand-new pieces dedicated to her by famous composers from all over the world, for instance Leo Brouwer, Atanas Ourkouzounov, Máximo Diego Pujol, David P. Graham, Annette Kruisbrink, Cristina Azuma, Dieter Kreidler and many more.
Currently, a score publishing is being planned.
The project was financially supported by the gender equality committee (Gleichstellungskommission) of the HfMT Köln.
Nicola Yasmin Stock has recorded a selection of the pieces on her CD "innovations" which has just been released under the label "Musicaphon".

My article about left hand guitar playing published by the EGTA Journal 12/23:

Interview about the project with GitarreKonkret:

Premieres (Selection)

Since Nicola Yasmin Stock has a focus on contemporary music in her repertoire, she often has the honor to play the world premiere of new pieces, such as:

Bravísimo! by Mina Kaiser (duet)

Subir y bajar by Rikuya Terashima (duet)
The Sleep of Reason... by Michalis Andronikou (duet)
Nadie nos ha visto by Norbert Laufer (duet)

Caprichos buen viaje by Jeffrey Harrington (duet)
Tal para qual by Paul Hayden (duet)
Ni así la distingue by Nicola Yasmin Stock (duet)
Caprichos by Pierre Thilloy (duet)
Tango por izquierda by Máximo Diego Pujol
The Left-handed Acrobat by David P. Graham

With Lots of Love from the Composer by Luise Volkmann
Loreley's Solitude by Leo Brouwer
La Lira Encantada by Luis Manuel Molina 
Microtango by Cristina Azuma
Left Hand Interlude by Annette Kruisbrink
Another thing by Meike Senker
fogo terno by Jörn Michael Borner

High Five by Jürg Kindle
Präludium und Fuga im barocken Stil by Jan Christopher Heßling
Left Hand Blues by Dieter Kreidler
Summerwalk by Sören Alexander Golz

Onyx by Valentin Ruckebier (duet)

Turquoise by Valentin Ruckebier (duet)
 AusLauf by Leander Ruprecht (quartet)
Nagetiere by Lukas Döhler (quartet)

Ensemble del Pesciolino

The Ensemble del Pesciolino plays mainly contemporary chamber music and plucked orchestra repertoire on a professional level. 

Duo Westklang

w/ Daniel Ahlert, mandolin

Their enthusiam for playing together at highest precision as well as the search for new paths mark and unite the duo.

(photo: Marion Koell)

Interview about the festival Rotenburger Gitarrenwoche with the newspaper Rotenburger Kreiszeitung: